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Chinenism ~ Chinen Syndrom ~ Chinen Forever
this is Shieri world
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28th-Nov-2020 01:08 pm - [sticky post] Intro post

Hi minna-san...

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5th-May-2014 10:13 am - [fic] Mini Narushi
Title: Mini Narushi
Pairing: maybe YamaChii (?)
Genre: failed angst (?) I don’t even know
Rating: PG
Summary: I’ll make you love me more than you love yourself
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11th-Aug-2013 06:37 am - baby saya and baby yuri
I know that Saya-nee rarely updated her blog. but I just know that she often posted in g-rockets's blog. and I just find her baby picture when she's still 2 years old. she's so cute ne. really look like her brother :3 look at their nose, just the same :3

(c) saya @ g-rockets's blog
10th-Aug-2013 12:13 pm - Ryosuke and Yuri's Sister going out
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Chihiro post to her blog a picture when she's going out with Saya
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10th-Aug-2013 11:58 am - [Drabble] Speak
Title: Speak
Pairing: our chibi YamaChii <3
Ratting: G
Genre: Fluff
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6th-Apr-2013 08:57 pm - come back
hello minna-san..
hisashiburi ne~
I just want to inform that I decide to active again in this LJ.. I will try to write fanfic again although I'm not good in it.. :3 yoroshiku onegaishimasu :D
22nd-Mar-2012 12:25 pm - Random
Chii: Boku wa romeo~ *sings*
Yama: iie, chigau yo.. Boku wa Ryomeo..
Chii: eh??
Yama: Sakebu name e wa Yurieeett~
Yuto: ~Yuriet~
Yama: Urusai *glared*
Yuto: eh? naze?

Title: Death Letter

Author: Seri-chii (Sherry van Anas)

Rating: PG-15

Genre: Angst

Pairing: FukuChii

Disclaimer: they belongs to Kamisama

Warning: un beta-ed

Summary: Someone send Kanon a letter that told her to avoid Chinen

A/N: I warned you, my English is terrible. Feel free to comment and correct me

Sorry I just finished playing games with my friends. I'm fine, why Nyon so concerned with me like this. Nyon doesn’t have to worry me. I'll always be fine. Good night Nyon. I’m already sleepy.Collapse )

maybe some of you ever read this. because I ever post it before at my facebook in Indonesia version.. XD
30th-Nov-2011 12:43 am - Love triangel part 3 (last chapter)
Title: love triangel part 3
Author: Seri-chii (Sherry van Anas)
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, angst
Pairing: Yamachii, Nakachii, Yamajima
Disclaimer: they belongs to Kamisama
Warning: un beta-ed
Summary: Yuto confess to Yuri but Yuri reject him because Yuri love Ryosuke. Yuto still love Yuri and won’t to see him hurt. He help Yuri to get Ryosuke even though he feel that painful.
A/N: this is my first time write fanfic in English. Sorry for error grammatical. And I made this for Chinen no Purezento in his 18th birthday.. fell free to comment and correct me..


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gomen for bad ending..
and gomen I end it with YamaChii..
I just too love them...

and I make this fic for my little angel birthday...
26th-Nov-2011 08:05 am - Kwiz.Biz Kwiz!
Hey!Say!JUMP with you! :D
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Relationship Couple
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