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Love triangel part 3 (last chapter) 
30th-Nov-2011 12:43 am
Title: love triangel part 3
Author: Seri-chii (Sherry van Anas)
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, angst
Pairing: Yamachii, Nakachii, Yamajima
Disclaimer: they belongs to Kamisama
Warning: un beta-ed
Summary: Yuto confess to Yuri but Yuri reject him because Yuri love Ryosuke. Yuto still love Yuri and won’t to see him hurt. He help Yuri to get Ryosuke even though he feel that painful.
A/N: this is my first time write fanfic in English. Sorry for error grammatical. And I made this for Chinen no Purezento in his 18th birthday.. fell free to comment and correct me..


~3 years later~
Ryosuke went to go home from his friend’s house. He walk passed Tokyo University when he see boy with short body who wear thick glasses. That boy appearance look like an otaku, his bangs covered half his face. He always look down in the ground. Ryosuke walk toward that boy and grab his hand.
“Yuri” said Ryosuke to that boy
“no, I’m not Yuri. My name Yoshioka Eita”
“no you’re Yuri, I know that”
“I don’t know what you’re meaning. But my name is not Yuri. Let me go please, I must attend my graduate ceremony”
Ryosuke just stared at that boy’s back. He stared until that boy disappeared. His heart say if that boy is Yuri but that boy refuse it.

After some hours that boy who Ryosuke think is Yuri now come out from Tokyo University gate. Ryosuke still wait in there, he see that boy walk leave Tokyo University. Ryosuke follow behind him. And when he entered a house that seemed his house Ryosuke shouted to him.
“see. You’re Yuri. Don’t lie anymore with me. I’m not idiot even I’m not as smart as with you Chinen Yuri” Ryosuke shout make he stoned
“are you stalking me. oh my god. A famous star, Yamada Ryosuke stalking an Innocent Boy like me” said Yuri with his narcissism
“what? I’m not stalking you. I just follow you to your house” said Ryosuke Innocently
“are you stupid? That’s mean you’re stalking me. you never changed Ryosuke, You still stupid” Yuri said with his sharp mouth
“that’s mean that you’re Yuri” Said Ryosuke happily and walked toward Yuri
“yes, I’m Yuri. But it’s too early to tell you. I will come to JUMP practice room tomorrow and announce that I come back since I’ve finished my study”
“you already finished your study, but it’s just 3 years. And I think you study in oxford.” Said Ryosuke confusedly
“you know that I’m smart ne. Just kidding. Manager-san told me to quickly finished my study, and he let me to break some years. Then I can more concentrate with my study. And sorry for that wrong information. I just need my time to be alone” Yuri explain to Ryosuke all about his sudden break
“Yuri. Do you know that we miss you so much?”
“I know Yama-chan, but-“ Ryosuke stopped Yuri’s sentence with his index finger pressed Yuri’s lips
“don’t say anything. I just want to know are you miss me or no?”
“of course I miss you. How about Yuti?”
“why you ask about him?” asked Ryosuke with irritated face
“he’s who always take care of me, just asking his condition is usual, right?”
“he’s fine. Keito will take care of him. Nothing to worry about him” Ryosuke became more irritated
“sou ka. Yokatta ne~”
“you look so happy ne~, are you like Yuto”
“no, Yuti just my friend. Nani. Are you jealous Yama-chan?”
Ryosuke just silent when suddenly Yuri bring him back from his silently. Yuri just pinch Ryosuke chubby check at that time.
“ye-yes, I jealous” said Ryosuke shyly
“you still like Yuti ne~”
“eh? NO” Shouted Ryosuke

Next day Yuri came to JUMP practice again from his long break. All member welcome him with pleasure. Yuto the most who missed him ask him many question. Yuri just happy to know that his friends is missed him so much.
When Ryosuke see Yuri alone in sofa, he approached him and sat beside him. He faced Yuri and Yuri do the same.
“Yuri can I talk to you” said Ryosuke
“of course Yama-chan” Yuri reply with his cute smile
“can you call me Ryosuke again?”
“eh, why you ask me this thing?” Yuri just confuse with Ryosuke request
“because I want my important person to call my first name”
“your important person?” Yuri still confused with Ryosuke words
“Yuri, You’re the one who important to me” said Ryosuke with his serious face
“me?? but you never love me, you love Yuto. You just force yourself to love me back”
“I’m sorry for that time, I really regretting that. But I love you Yuri, I just realize that when you leave me. I’m feel so sorry for you. Do you still love me until now?”
“of course Ryosuke, I still love you” his smile brighten up that room
“really? So do you want to become my boyfriend?”
“yes Ryosuke, I do”
Ryosuke hug Yuri tightly and Yuri just hug him back. Yuri crying on Ryosuke chest, that’s for his happiness. Ryosuke pulls Yuri and kiss his check.

gomen for bad ending..
and gomen I end it with YamaChii..
I just too love them...

and I make this fic for my little angel birthday...
30th-Nov-2011 12:43 am (UTC)
yeay for yamachii!!! XD
baka yama chan.. how can you make Yuri wait for that long

but you give them happy ending.. XD
nice job! :3
30th-Nov-2011 09:03 am (UTC)
hahaha... I hate Yamachan for doing that to Yuri.. XD

hehehe.. I just want Yamachii.

sankyuu ren-san *what should I call you?*
30th-Nov-2011 12:37 pm (UTC)
hahaha.. just call me ren chan :3
2nd-Dec-2011 11:28 am (UTC)
oke ren-chan
30th-Nov-2011 01:48 am (UTC)
so sweet :3
30th-Nov-2011 09:14 am (UTC)
arigatou Asti-chan.. XD
30th-Nov-2011 02:56 am (UTC)
finally you updating this :3

and the ending..... YEAYYYYY YAMACHII!! I know it all along xDD

Yuri must leave Yama-chan for a while first so that he can realize his true feelings?? such a bakaa!!! xDD but now they're happy, thanks for writing and sharing this :3

this is so good, looking forward for your next YamaChii story ^^
30th-Nov-2011 09:13 am (UTC)
you wait my fanfic.. I'm feel so happy.. arigatou ne~

hahaha... at the first time I write this I want end it with NakaChii and AriYama.. But.. YamaChii always come to my mind... XD

hai.. Yamachan is baka in this fanfic..
oke you're welcome ne~

I will do my best to write YamaChii fanfic..
but I must take care of my school.. I must prepare for my final exam..
30th-Nov-2011 12:24 pm (UTC)
of course, you make me curious in previous chapter x3

Agree with you, no one can resist YamaChii ne xDDD

ganbatte ne, I would love to read your next YamaChii again ^____________^
2nd-Dec-2011 11:29 am (UTC)
hahaha.. YamaChii always in my mind.. XD

hai.. arigatou ne~
2nd-Dec-2011 04:18 am (UTC)
thanks for ended it with yamachii ... >.< *yamachii biased*

I really glad that finally they're together and yuto had found a new love... X3
minna get their happiness and I really happy too.. ^^

thanks for writing..
This is such a nice story..
2nd-Dec-2011 11:32 am (UTC)
I bias YamaChii too..

sankyuu ne~
thanks for read
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