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Fukuda Kanon/Chinen Yuri - Death Letter 
28th-Dec-2011 12:07 am

Title: Death Letter

Author: Seri-chii (Sherry van Anas)

Rating: PG-15

Genre: Angst

Pairing: FukuChii

Disclaimer: they belongs to Kamisama

Warning: un beta-ed

Summary: Someone send Kanon a letter that told her to avoid Chinen

A/N: I warned you, my English is terrible. Feel free to comment and correct me

Chinen is someone who I treated as my own older brother. He was very kind to me and often know everything about me. Even people who just know us really believe if I was his sister. Many people have told me that I and he a bit similar. First time I met with him when we were both attend ballet class. At that time he was very cute, but I was even cuter. I think he's similar to Usa-chan, so I like Usagi ne~. Actually, he often told me to call him 'Chii', but I've been using it to call my friend. I like when he started to call me 'Nyon'. cho kawaii. But now I call him 'Niicchan' and he didn’t protest with that name. okay now I call him 'Niicchan' here.

I've just come to school and sit at my desk. As I sat down I saw a piece of paper on my desk locker. I put my bag and took the paper first. That’s letter addressed to me. I was shocked when I know the letter’s content, the letter said that I must take a distance with Niicchan. But I could not stay away from Niicchan because I don’t want to make Niicchan sad and also I can’t get away with him. But that person will hurt both of Niicchan and me if I don’t do that.

I saw Niicchan already waiting at the school gates. I think I'd want to run to him but I remember with that letter that was sent to me this morning. I have to stay away because this is not just about my safety but also the most important Niicchan in my life. I decided to return to my classroom. I kept waiting until Niicchan go home but until no one in school he's still waiting for me there. I sat in my chair that was located near the window. I folded my hands on the table and buried my head between them. I'm too tired of waiting and decided to take a nap.


the sound of the door woke me up from my sleep shift. I lifted my head and blinked my eyes. I saw a figure of boy who came over to me. Niicchan? Why would he’s in here? He pout and I think he's mad at me. Perhaps because it has been long waiting for me. I think he will go home without me.

"I stood in front of the gate since 1 hour ago, that already burn my skin. You’re even sleep in here" he said with an angry tone

I can not say anything. Sorry. That's all I can say right now. I thought he would get angry and leave me but in fact he smiled at me as he ruffled my hair. Please Niicchan angry at me, stay away from me, hate me because I don’t want you get hurt.

Niicchan took me back together and took my hand. Again and again he looked towards me and smiled at me. My face became very hot and my heartbeat became faster. What this feeling? I never felt it before. Every time I saw Niicchan I don’t want to lose him. Now I'm really afraid if that person were hurt Niicchan. Please don’t hurting Niicchan, don’t I enough for you?.
I really can’t sleep. I always think about Niicchan, will he be fine?. It has been four times I sent a message to him but he doesn’t reply my message. I really worried.


I immediately opened the my keitai flip and there I saw a reply message from Niicchan. My heart a little excited because this is a sign if Niicchan fine.

Sorry I just finished playing games with my friends. I'm fine, why Nyon so concerned with me like this. Nyon doesn’t have to worry me. I'll always be fine. Good night Nyon. I’m already sleepy.

I was calmly when I know Niicchan is fine. Tonight I can sleep in peace. Hopefully until whenever Niicchan will be fine. I'll try to dreaming Niicchan tonight.

I went to school as usual. Still very early and not many kids who come. I can still hear the sound of birds chirping in the morning. I see a white paper that stuck in my locker. I took the letter and opened it.

Yesterday I warned you to not get close to Chinen. But you are breaking and you will feel the revenge after this.

Why? Why did this person know if I came home yesterday with Niicchan. Does this person keep following me. What have I done to this person until he was treating me like this. Who is this person? All the questions that kept spinning in my head that I didn’t hear the lesson. My mind is filled with Niicchan. I don’t know how Niicchan circumstances now. I haven’t seen him since this morning.

When school breaks I hurried to come to Niicchan’s class. I just want to make sure the situation. I'm relieved after seeing Niicchan was laughing with his friends. Niicchan look towards me and smiled at me. He stood up and seemed like to approach me. I lift my hands and told him to stop. As he stood looking at me confused I just smiled at him and then walked away.
On returning to class I saw a piece of paper on my desk. I know if it's a letter from the person who threatened me. I asked my classmate who has put this paper on my desk. But no one knows. Finally I decided to read the letter.

Looks like you're really worried with Chinen. Better that you’re also worrying yourself because you also get hurt.

Why would he know if I'm worrying Niicchan. What he had seen me come into his classroom. He seems to school here as well. But who always followed me. I really don’t know what was that person want from me. I should see Niicchan after school.

When I’m off from my class I secretly watched my surroundings. I'm looking for someone who looks suspicious along the corridor. I'm less sensitive or really like it. I do not see anyone suspicious. I don’t see Niicchan in the gate. Usually Niicchan already waiting for me here. I bit my lip. For some reason I was getting nervous about it. Suddenly I felt someone tap my shoulder from behind. I look back. I immediately hugged him when I know that person is Niicchan. I'm glad to see Niicchan still okay in front of me.

We walked home together. Niicchan seemed to feel my fear. He gripped my hand tightly as not to let me too feel this myself. When a traffic light turn red we cross the street. suddenly there was a car that moving fast towards us even though the light is red. We don’t have time to run because the car was too close. Niicchan hugged me tightly and his back face the car.within seconds I felt my body pushed and fell to the ground. Niicchan feel on top of me and I lost my consciousness.


I opened my eyes slowly. I still could feel the pain in my head. I saw around, I kinda to know this place. It's in the hospital. I just remembered that I and Niicchan had an accident, but where’s Niicchan now. I unplugged the infusion needle which stuck in the back of my hand. I got out of bed and walked out even though my head still hurt. I saw my mother waiting for me in the chair waiting in front of my room. Mom ran to hug me.

" where’s Niicchan?" I asked in weak voice

Mama didn’t answer my question. I'm start to thinking something bad to happened. I kept asking my mother and forced her to tell me but my mother remained silent and stared at me. My tears fell, I thought I had would not hold my own body.

Mama accompany me to Niicchan’s house which is only 3 houses from our home. I saw many people at Niicchan’s house. I walked to Niicchan’s house, Mama still hug me on the shoulder. I felt  my legs very heavy. I do not want to see what was going on inside but I want to see Niicchan.

I sat down when I know the body whom lying lifeless in front of me is Niicchan. I couldn’t stand it anymore. my tears dropped in my cheeks. Oba-san hugged me, sobbing.
Everything felt different. No one called me Nyon again like Niicchan. No one waiting for me after school. No one hugged me when I'm sad. No one can smile like Niicchan. I wanted to kill someone who has take Niicchan from me. If that’s person not a coward he won’t do anything like this. if that person doesn’t like me and Niicchan why he or she didn’t come and say directly to us.

I sat in my desk I found a piece of paper on my locker. Why that still continue, what he or she ah whatever, still not satisfied torturing me. I opened the letter and read it.

You do not need to be so sad. That’s destiny if I killed him yesterday. I know you're very angry with me today. as an apology I will help you to meet him again.

How could you say all of this is destiny, this is your fault. Of course I'm very angry with you maybe I won’t even forgive him. How can you make me meet with Niicchan again. Are you a Kamisama?

I stood on the roof top. I fell lonely without Niicchan. I put my body on the guardrail. the wind flow against my face. I closed my eyes, trying to feel this calm atmosphere. I remember the days when I shared with Niicchan.

I feel if there is someone standing behind me. But I don’t care. I let that person to do whatever she or he want. Even if he wanted to push me out of here. And indeed, he is really pushing my body fell from the roof. I felt my body rubbing against the air when I fall.

Ill. My body ached. What is this smell? Blood?. I felt the blood wetting my body. I can’t open my eyes. My breath feels very heavy. My heart was getting weaker. I couldn’t move my body. I couldn’t even scream in pain. I can’t feel my whole body, until finally I totally unconscious.

Totally black out


maybe some of you ever read this. because I ever post it before at my facebook in Indonesia version.. XD
28th-Dec-2011 07:30 pm (UTC)
oh so mean TT_TT

29th-Dec-2011 07:37 am (UTC)
thanks for read ne~~
29th-Dec-2011 12:36 am (UTC)
T^T awh man that was deep stuff there.
29th-Dec-2011 07:38 am (UTC)
thanks for read ne~~
1st-Jan-2012 11:17 am (UTC)
thanks for making this story~ i kind of liked it even though they both died.... haha actually... don't believe me.. i liked the ending because both of them didn't end up together *wacks myself* sorry for having a mean mind~ anyway.. loved the story but two questions.... who wrote the letter and why?? i thought that the person just loves her that's why he didn't want her to be close with chii... but... ???
1st-Jan-2012 12:57 pm (UTC)
I don't like they become lovers.. I like this pairing but just as sibling..

that person hate both of them, he/she doesn't like if they're together..
and he/she's kinda sick.. actually I don't know who he/she is.. XD
1st-Jan-2012 01:02 pm (UTC)
and thanks for read ne~ XD
1st-Jan-2012 01:19 pm (UTC)
hehe... i agree.. they are better off as siblings~ please write more about angst cause i love reading them.. thanks!! <3
1st-Jan-2012 02:03 pm (UTC)
you like angst.. me too..
oke if I have time.. XD
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