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[Drabble] Speak 
10th-Aug-2013 11:58 am
Title: Speak
Pairing: our chibi YamaChii <3
Ratting: G
Genre: Fluff

One day when Yamada Family meet with Chinen Family. Their parent is chatting happily meanwhile their child is have their own word. Ryosuke sit in front of his mother while eating pudding and cookies not minding with other presence. And our little Yuri is smiling cheerfully and talk endlessly. Ryosuke is still busy with his food. Yuri is lonely and want to play with Ryosuke, but the later is seems only interested with his food. Then Yuri try to take Ryosuke cookies when Ryosuke about to bite it. Ryosuke who doesn’t want to lose his cake try to grab it from Yuri.
“Lyochaann~ I want it” Ryosuke just pull the cookies but Yuri won’t lose and pull it back
“…” Yuri stop to pull the cookies and let Ryosuke have it
“ale Lyochuke can not speak?” Yuri tilt his head cutely
“of course I can” Ryosuke say shyly and put the cookies in Yuri’s hand
“You don’t want to eat anymole?” Ryosuke just shake his head
“You want me to eat this?” now Ryosuke is nodding his head
this is fail. I just try to write something. this is inspired by my cute little cousin. the one is so adorable and love to smile with girly face. and the other is so handsome but never talk. he just eating and eating. even if he fight with the other one he still not opening his mouth. ah.. they're still 2 years old :3

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24th-Aug-2013 04:14 pm (UTC)
miss you too nee-chan /hug
gomen~ saya lagi males nulis ff.. :D tapi saya suka nyetalk LJ a nee :D
ntar tak komen deh kalo abis baca update an nee :3

un un~ kawaii deshou? because my cousin is just too cute. so I get inspired to make it as YamaChii :D arigatou nee for reading
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