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[fic] Mini Narushi 
5th-May-2014 10:13 am
Title: Mini Narushi
Pairing: maybe YamaChii (?)
Genre: failed angst (?) I don’t even know
Rating: PG
Summary: I’ll make you love me more than you love yourself

He’s the most beautiful creature in this word. His eyes, long eyelash, soft hair, pointed nose and that moist plump lips that I really want to taste it. Blame his beautiful face that make me thinking something naughty about him. The most beautiful creature, an angel sent from heaven to make me feel this happiness. But he’s the most dense person in this world. Not because he’s not smart. He’s good in academic or sport, even he can do dance and acrobatic move. He’s almost perfect. Yeah almost, because nobody perfect except god. And he’s so dense because he’s never notice my feeling though I always show him. The first time I showed my feeling is really make me speechless. How come I’m not if he’s act like that not knowing that saying those word is really hard.
        It’s during lunch break and I eat with him in his desk beside window. The class feel so quit because almost all my classmate is spending their lunch break at cafeteria or other place instead. I give him a box of my bento. I always cook for him because he said that my food is taste good. We eat it while chatting.
“ne Chii”
“nani Yama-chan?” he give me those beautiful smile
“um, you look cute and beautiful” I bet my face is already as red as tomatoes
“you just realize it? Oh Yamada Ryosuke you sure waste your time. You just realize it that I’m Chinen Yuri is the most cute, beautiful and stunning creature in this world” he’s blabbering about how good is he. THAT IS NOT A REACTION THAT I WANT.
“ah. Ah. I’m sorry if I just say it now” I bowing my head feeling my effort going wasted.
“don’t be sad Yama-chan. You’re also look cool and good looking” he said while patting my head
“really?” I raise my head to stare in his eyes deeply, hoping that he’ll accept my feeling and said that he’s love me back
“un. But I’m still cooler ne” he said with cute smile plastered on his face
“ah. Sure” he never love me
        During weekend I invite him to come in my house. I bought new game that make him excitedly coming. He’s really love playing game. I prepare some snack, drink, and gyouza. He’ll hug me for his favourite food. I already imagine it when he’s saying thank you to me and hugging me so tight. I run down stair when hearing my house bell ringing. And as I expected he’s stand in front of my house with that stunning smile. I ask him to come and enter my room when I brought snack, drink, and his gyouze.
“huaaa~ is this for me? Is this for me?” he ask excitedly
“un. I make it special for you” I smiled while give him a bowl of gyouza
“kyaa~ arigatou, I really love Yama-chan” he said that while hug me. He said that he LOVE ME. Are my ears deceiving me? I can’t believe it
“I love you too. Yuri” I said it softly in his ear
        Do you think by that time we already together. Yeah I think like that too. But it’s a big NO. the day after we said love to each other I though that we already lover. But his statement when a girl confessed to him make me feel my heart crushing into a pulp.
“Chinen-kun daisuki. Would you be my boyfriend?” that girl convessed to him
“um gomen ne Takahashi-san. I can’t accept you” he bowing his head
“eh nande? Are you already have a lover or crush?” ask her curiously. And my smile become more and more wider hoping he’ll said that I’m his lover. But.
“not both. I’m not interesting in relationship yet” that answer make me fall from the highest building in this world
        Maybe my way to get you is still so far. And I must be patient to make you love me more than you love your self. Is it even possible? I will never give up


A/N: actually I want to make it chaptered fic, but I don't have enough time to write it.

26th-Oct-2014 05:40 am (UTC)
so poor yamachan *tap yama's head*
ganbatte ne:)
yuuri just to shy to admit his love for you
28th-Oct-2014 08:46 am (UTC)
chinen's too dense for realise yama's feeling for him :D I want too make sequel but too lazy too do that nee :p
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