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Chinenism ~ Chinen Syndrom ~ Chinen Forever
this is Shieri world
Intro post 
28th-Nov-2020 01:08 pm - [sticky post]

Hi minna-san...

let me introduce my self..

my name is Sherry van Anas

my japanese name is Shieri Akimoto
I'm Indonesian..

you can use both English and Indonesian if talking with me..

but I warned you, my English is terrible..

I love J-POP and also J-Rock...

my fandom is Hey!Say!JUMP

my ichiban is Chinen Yuri

I love YamaJimaChii...

my favorite pairing is YamaChii, NakaChii, and YamaJima.. but I prefer YamaChii..

gomen NakaChii and YamaJima.. #slapped

I also love Sakamoto Shougo..

I like all Horikoshi Gakuen students...

my favorite J-Rock band is Alice Nine, my favorite member is Shou... XD

I'm not innocent anymore but I'm not pervert..
I'm still young

I write fanfic, but I just started to write fanfic in English..
my favorite fanfic genre is angst..
I like the feeling when I cry and fell slight of hurt in my chest..
and I like fluff too,

this is my personal information..
I'm childish even though I'm already 18..
my friend tell me that and I admit it..
I have a lot of bad habbit, but I won't to tell all of that to you.. XD

you want to be friend with me.. let's click add button and I will add you back..

and don't forget to introduce yourself.

6th-Apr-2013 01:44 pm (UTC) - Re: John Michael Sheehan
yeah..thank you
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